5 Yoga Poses to Help Cool Your Cramps

During the menstrual cycle, a woman’s body expands and energy moves downwards. As a result, you experience imbalances of the hormones within your body, which can manifest as sensations such as cramps, lethargy, and headaches

In yoga, you have an energy body, which is made up of prana (vital energy) and is fueled by your breath. Practice taking longer (at least 5 seconds) to inhale and exhale in each posture, you are channeling energy throughout your entire being. Control of breath will also help bring balance to any imbalances — soothing your mood, and cooling down the cramps!

Yoga Cramps

Notes for practicing yoga while on your cycle:

  • Avoid inversion postures: This brings energy upward, which is counter productive to the body’s natural flow and can prevent the body from releasing toxins effectively.
  • Avoid twisting postures: Since the uterine walls are contracting slightly to loosen blood flow, you may experience cramps. By twisting the abdomen, you tense up this area and cause additional pain.
  • Take longer shavasana: Give yourself extra time at the end of your practice to recharge!











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